Immigrant ancestor, no information regarding his parents yet. The accepted theory is that he was from Bristol, England which is near the border with Wales. Morgan is supposed to be a Welsh name. Prince Rupert captured the city of Bristol in 1643 and held it until 1645 during the English Civil War. Bristol castle was razed in 1656. It became a major seaport with the growth of the American slave trade.

According to Bristol Information the following Morgan's were in Bristol during Anthony's lifetime:
  • Captain Morgan living 1656, probably the same Charles Morgan, mariner, who had ties to the Fielding family in Old Rappahannock Co., VA.
  • Edward Morgan d. 1669, he was an upholsterer and the mayor in 1667
  • Isaac Morgan, collector of customs 1667

Anthony was in Old Rappahannock Co. VA by 1665. He d. ca. 1689 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA. He married Elizabeth (?) ca. 1677. Her surname, birth and death dates are not known. She married ca. 1690 John Ware.

Old Rappahannock County was created in 1656 on the northern and middle neck of eastern Virginia on either side of the Rappahannock river. In 1692 the river was used as the boundary between two new counties created from Old Rappahannock which became defunct. Richmond was situated on the north side of the river and Essex on the south side. Farnham Parrish spanned both sides of the river. Anthony is said to have lived north of the river in what is now RIchmond County.

Children of Anthony & Elizabeth Morgan were born in Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co. VA:
  • Robert - living in Westmoreland Co. VA in 1703
  • Charles
  • Bridget b. 9/14/1682
  • Anny b. 3/14/1684
  • Anthony b. 11/20/1686, d. before 1752 in Prince William Co., VA

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